Wolcott Mission

Mission Statement

Wolcott School offers an exemplary high school program for students with learning differences, tailored to the strengths and aspirations of each student. Employing best practices, our expert faculty is dedicated to helping students gain self-awareness, confidence, and resilience as well as the academic, social, and communication skills to flourish in college and beyond. As valued members of our diverse and close-knit community, Wolcott students develop their sense of responsibility and purpose.


Wolcott School serves high school students of superior to average intelligence with learning differences who can contribute and flourish in our strength-based, collaborative community. Our students often have a specific learning disability or an executive functioning challenge and have yet to reach their potential in traditional educational programs. Our program is not designed to meet the needs of students with primary emotional or behavioral challenges.



Student Demographic Profile

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Wolcott does not discriminate in educational programs, hiring, or activities on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, nationality, sexual identity, age, religion, immigration status, or any other characteristics protected under federal, state, or local law.