The college counseling program at Wolcott begins in 9th grade and continues throughout the four years of high school. Our college counselor and transition team work closely with each student and his/her family to guide them through the college selection and application process. The goals of the program are to enable each student to:

• Understand his/her learning profile and areas of interest
• Make knowledgeable and informed decisions about academic and personal goals
• Present him/herself articulately and confidently in the college application process

The college counseling program is designed to guide students as they navigate the college search and selection process.


Wolcott provides students with a four-year comprehensive guidance program designed to help students gain a better understanding of their academic strengths, abilities, and talents, and a picture of how to find ‘fit and match’ in their future academic and career pursuits. The college guidance team works closely with students and families as they engage in a search for the most suitable colleges or universities after graduation from Wolcott.

• During freshman and sophomore years, the foci of the curriculum are developing self-awareness, leadership opportunities, and beginning to formulate a general understanding of colleges and the types of resources that are offered.
• During junior year, more attention is paid to helping students identify colleges of interest and prepare for the admissions process.
• In senior year, the shift focuses to completing applications, making informed choices, and developing an understanding of college life.

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As part of the college counseling program, Wolcott sponsors speakers and workshops focused on the college selection and application process, such as essay writing, financial aid and scholarships, and interviewing skills. These activities are intended for students, parents, or both.