Wolcott offers many opportunities beyond the classroom that are specifically designed to advance each student’s personal growth and development. These opportunities present informally as well as through structured classes, such as Learning Strategies and Leadership Team.


Learning Strategies is offered through all four years of high school. A required class that meets four times per week, Learning Strategies helps students develop a keen understanding of their own strengths and learning styles, empowering them to become strong self-advocates. Through the creation of four personal focus areas, students explore their learning interests. Students are guided by a Learning Specialist in small groups and with one-to-one support to develop the organizational, testing and study skills critical to success in high school and beyond.


Leadership Team cultivates social, emotional, and academic development through student voice and leadership, including student government. Leadership Team meets three times per week and serves as homeroom and advisory as well as a forum to discover and refine problem-solving, communication and study skills. Wolcott students use Leadership Team to develop school traditions, clubs, sports and other programs that reflect the students’ interests. The class also engages in group discussions on topics such as grit and resilience to help students understand and internalize the components of effective leadership. Leadership Team is an integral part of fortifying the Wolcott community and a venue for students to regularly share ideas and achievements in school-wide assemblies, meetings, and workshops.