Critical to every student’s success is a healthy balance between the demands of school and life. We believe students’ schedules should allow for meaningful engagement in extra-curricular activities in addition to academics. We mindfully structure our programs to make that possible. Student life at Wolcott is a dynamic reflection of the interests of our community. We value the unique contributions that each student brings to our school.

Students participate in our active student government and our dozens of clubs such as DIAL (Diversity, Inclusion, Awareness, and Leadership), Robotics, Anime, Wolves Media, and Dirty Worms. Still, others find a place to express their talents on the playing fields through our organized sports teams or grow the community through their work in our music, art, and theater programs. In addition, our students engage in community work throughout the school year as part of our Service Learning curriculum.


We come together often for school events, like the Back-to-School BBQ and School-wide scavenger hunt, theater arts productions and Wolcott Wolves competitions, visits to cultural events and sporting events, and dances and dinners auctions. The sense of community and togetherness that these activities foster is an essential part of each student’s Wolcott experience and fosters our close-knit and engaged community.