Our arts program is a fundamental component of the Wolcott curriculum and a potent tool for fostering self-expression, self-discovery, and critical thinking. Recognizing the importance of the arts and acknowledging the creative strengths of our student body, the curriculum encourages every student to participate in an art elective of their choice. Each class meets four days per week. Our curriculum enables students to explore a range of art disciplines, including music, theater, art, and visual culture. Our art department is led by a team of educators who are practicing artists.

Outside of specific coursework, exposure to the arts is regularly incorporated into the student life experience. By routinely exploring Chicago and its many cultural treasures: the museums, architecture, theater, dance, music, and historic landmarks, we seek to reinforce the importance of cross-curricular learning and further students understanding and appreciation of art and its relationship to the material being studied.

Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to create and perform, exhibit and present. From our Showcase productions to Media Club, OpenMic to Music Ensemble, the arts are promoted as an essential part of life-long learning.