Wolcott is committed to offering a strong athletic and physical education program. Wolcott’s program is designed to instill in students the value of lifelong fitness and to help students identify athletic activities that they enjoy now and could enjoy after graduating high school. By exposing students to a wide variety of activities, they are more likely to develop and maintain an affinity for sports and fitness. At Wolcott, those activities include volleyball, badminton, handball, spin, cardio-training, cross country running, bowling, basketball, and dance, among others.

Athletics is an integral part of every school day. P.E. is a required class as it not only helps students stay physically fit and learn about the value of healthy living and teamwork, but also helps students keep their focus and enhance learning throughout the day. The Health and Wellness curriculum includes an in-depth inquiry into health, nutrition, and choices that promote wellness.

Whether it be during an informal game of ping-pong, a P.E. class, or a pick-up game of basketball in the gym, time is set aside daily for formal and informal physical activity. Our athletic program mirrors Wolcott’s philosophy of continual growth and achievement, and the development of the individual’s greatest potential regardless of whether a student is a member of the basketball team or is being introduced to a sport for the first time. We currently offer interscholastic sports of volleyball, basketball, and Wolcott Run Club as well intramural sports and strength and conditioning. While healthy competition is important, the true goals of our athletic program are to build fitness, teach skills, and emphasize the ideals of sportsmanship, teamwork, and perseverance expected of all Wolcott students.